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OmniTrax is a covert outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensor. Buried sensor cables generate an invisible detection field that the system monitors to detect and locate intrusions. Being invisible, OmniTrax offers the lowest vulnerability to defeat (Vd) of any outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensor while ensuring site aesthetics are maintained.
OmniTrax uses ported ("leaky") coaxial sensor cables to create an invisible electromagnetic detection field. Apertures within the cables enable energy from the transmit cable to be detected by the corresponding parallel receive cable. A patented coded pulse signal algorithm determines the exact intrusion location, including those occurring simultaneously.
Main characteristics:
  • Invisible, hidden installation;
  • Extremely low possibility of unauthorized entry;
  • Resolution -1 meter;
  • Accurate detection of multiple simultaneous intrusions;
  • Unaffected by vegetation and weather conditions;
  • Lack of disharmony with the external design of the site;
  • Very high probability of detection (Pd);
  • Exceptionally low false positive rate (FAR/NAR).