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Object perimeter security systems Software "Monitoring V&P"

The integrated security system makes it possible to build a multi-level distributed security system by combining the perimeter security system and IP video surveillance;
System support for at least 10,000 IP cameras / encoders / decoders, 1,000 operator workstations, 1,000 control keyboards, 1,000 iSCSI devices for recording, storing and playing video, audio and metadata of intelligent video analysis and 1,000 network video recorders as part of a single system;
The possibility of autonomous operation of the system, within the specified configuration, during the absence of communication between the components and the control server (servers) of the system;
Possibility of remote viewing from mobile devices (tablet, smartphone);
Intelligent video analysis: detection of objects in a given area, their movement trajectories, state changes, etc.
Combining perimeter security and video surveillance systems into a single integrated system;
Output of information about alarm events by means of an electronic map to the monitor of the RM of the CTS operator;
Control of PTZ cameras and video signal output from the cameras of triggered sections to alarm monitors;
Maintaining an electronic journal;
Viewing events by the specified "filter";
Transfer of information about alarm events to the next control level.