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FlexZone™ is a perimeter security system based on sensor cable, with adjustable zone sizes.
Main characteristics:
  • work on an autonomous site or as part of a network;
  • detection and location of intrusion at a distance of up to 600 m from the processor;
  • determination accuracy up to ± 3 m;
  • possibility of simultaneous detection of several intrusions, at a distance of 15 m;
  • support for up to 60 zones per processor;
  • data transmission via sensor cable reduces infrastructure requirements;
  • high probability of detection (Pd);
  • low probability of false alarm (NAR);
  • easy process of installing sensors on various types of fences;
  • providing data transfer from each processor using the Silver Network™ software;
  • low power consumption;
  • software-configured output relay allows easy integration with alarm systems;
  • Silver Network allows network integration with OmniTrax®, FlexPS™, μltraWave™ and XField® systems;
  • the ability to use an additional Ethernet card with PoE;
  • the sensor is calibrated via Windows point-and-click utility (via network or via USB);
  • similarity of the interface with the interfaces of other alarm systems;
  • the ability to update the firmware.