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Modern security systems are a complex set of various engineering systems, in which one of the main parts is the power supply system and low-voltage systems, and due to the rapid development of information technology, their number, complexity and tasks that they perform are constantly increasing.
Qualitatively and on time (before the start of construction or reconstruction, and not vice versa, as we often do), a project developed and agreed with the customer with an integrated approach to design allows minimizing various approvals, inconsistencies, alterations in the process of work, and as a result - improve quality and significantly reduce the time and cost of installation and commissioning.
Since 1998 TC Technotronic Ltd has been designing security systems. The main areas of design are systems and means of perimeter protection and access control, video surveillance, fire and security alarms, radiation and weight and size control, computer networks, public address and office communications. Our staff includes a design department, engineers and electricians, which contributes to the implementation of work with high quality in the shortest possible time. We always take into account the specifics of the tasks and wishes of the customer, the operating conditions of the installed equipment. Our engineering and technical staff has all the necessary certificates and permits.
The Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus has certified TC Technotronic Ltd to perform the functions of a general designer. And also to carry out the development of the following sections of project documentation of the first-fourth class of complexity according to the list of certain types of architectural, urban planning activities subject to mandatory certification:
3.3. budget documentation;
3.5. internal engineering equipment, internal networks and systems;
3.5.1. heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
3.5.4. power supply, power electrical equipment and electric lighting;
3.6. external networks and systems;
3.6.3. power supply.