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V&P Monitoring Software

Based on many years of experience in the implementation of perimeter security and video surveillance systems, the specialists of our organization developed the V&P Monitoring software (copyright, registered with the National Center for Intellectual Property under No. 1482-KP).
The software is a convenient tool for registering alarm events and quickly responding to the current situation in real time and is designed to work:
  • as part of the software and hardware complex for video surveillance and perimeter protection (protected areas);
  • as part of a security system that includes a video surveillance system (subject to the use of cameras with IVA video analytics) and / or a perimeter security alarm system.
Based on network data (IP or 422 protocol) on the status of security devices manufactured by Senstar, Rovalent, etc. (in the presence of a "dry" contact), the software allows you to control the output of video information to monitors from video cameras of the brand Bosch, Hikvision and is designed to solve the following tasks:
  • integration of the perimeter security system and video surveillance into a single integrated system;
  • output of information about alarm events on the electronic map of the operator's workplace;
  • displaying the image in / cameras of disturbing areas on monitors and controlling cameras according to a given algorithm;
  • maintaining an electronic journal;
  • viewing events by the specified filter;
  • graphical representation of alarm events of a protected object (objects) at a remote workplace for operational control at several hierarchical levels.