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TC Technotronic Ltd provides services related to the construction of security systems and means (perimeter protection and access control systems, video surveillance, radiation control, weight and size control, local area networks, etc.), including at sensitive facilities since 1998.
The Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus has certified TC Technotronic Ltd to perform the functions of a general contractor for objects of the first-fourth complexity classes with a construction cost of over 5 thousand basic units for:
6.1. construction of buildings and structures
6.2. construction of engineering infrastructure, engineering and transport infrastructure, main engineering infrastructure.
It also has the right to carry out the construction of the following objects of the first-fourth complexity classes according to the list of certain types of architectural, urban planning activities subject to mandatory certification:
7.15. arrangement of external networks and power supply lines, transformer substations and switchgears;
7.16. arrangement of internal power supply systems;
7.25. installation of automation systems, with the exception of potentially dangerous objects, technical devices.
Many years of experience accumulated over a long period of work on the market allow the company to effectively solve any complex tasks of building security systems at objects of various categories.
TC Technotronic Ltd has in its arsenal a full range of all the necessary tools and equipment for the construction of integrated security systems for any facility that meet market demands and give the maximum effect from their operation.