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Backup and autonomous power supply

TC Technotronic Ltd specializes in the provision of services related to the design, installation, adjustment and maintenance of perimeter security and access control systems, video surveillance, including sensitive facilities. Reliable functioning of the above systems is impossible without the organization of uninterrupted power supply. The design solutions used in our developments, many years of experience and high qualification of our specialists, installation of the latest power sources ensured long-term and uninterrupted operation of the constructed facilities in case of repair work or emergency situations in the power supply networks.

Backup power

One of the main requirements for security systems is reliability. The less external factors affect the system, the more reliable it is. Ensuring reliable operation of the system and preventing equipment failure due to power outages is the most imp…
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Autonomous power supply

In the event of an accident or during repairs to the centralized power supply system, as a rule, long-term disconnections of consumers are possible. What is critical in the operation of security systems. In such cases, autonomous power supply syst…
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