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Automated weight and dimension control system

As part of the implementation of the contract under the international technical assistance project "Improving the efficiency of customs control at the Domachevo road checkpoint", TC Technotronic Ltd designed and put into operation an automated complex for weight and size control of vehicles.

The main tasks solved by the complex of automated weight and size accounting:

  • organization of the movement of vehicles according to scales;
  • vehicle identification;
  • accounting and transfer of weighing results to a remote server.
The complex of automated weight and dimensional control of vehicles combines a complex of interconnected systems for number recognition, weight and dimensional control, video surveillance, access control and auxiliary software and is designed to automate the process of weighing vehicles, reducing the influence of the human factor and increasing the degree of control over the weighing process.
Depending on the configuration, the complex has the ability to work both in manual and automatic weighing modes without an operator. The complex of weight and size control can be used without connection with weighing systems, for example, to organize a driver notification system using text displays, vehicle recognition, movement around the enterprise, etc.