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Automated storage system for small items

The automated storage system for small items is designed for organized storage, receipt / return of keys, small items for official use, small items at checkpoints (checkpoints) at facilities that have restrictions on the entry of certain items, for automated accounting of the time of delivery / receipt of keys (items) and registration of persons handing over/receiving keys (items).
The main distinguishing feature of the system is the exclusion of unauthorized access to keys or items located in the storage sections, as well as to information about operations with the system (issuance / receipt, etc.).
The system is a functionally complete product that can operate both autonomously and under external control of a personal computer, as part of complex security systems as an element of an access control system.
The composition of the automated storage system: Control section, storage sections (from 1 to 10); software for integrating the device into a computer network, "master" cards (if there is a proximity card reader).