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Access control and management

TC Technotronic Ltd has been designing, installing, adjusting and maintaining access control and management systems for more than ten years.
Access control and management system (ACS) is a set of software and hardware technical means of control and controls aimed at restricting and registering the entry and exit of objects (people, vehicles) in a given territory through "passage points" (doors, gates, checkpoints). The main task of the ACS is to manage access to a given territory, including restricting access to a given territory and identifying persons who have access to a given territory.
The main elements of access control and management systems are the following elements:
  • blocking elements (electrolatches, electromechanical locks, electromagnetic locks, turnstiles, etc.);
  • identifiers (keychain, card, label);
  • autonomous and network controllers;
  • readers;
  • software;
  • auxiliary equipment.

Controllers, readers, identifiers

The controller is the basic element of the access control and management system. It is the controller that determines whether or not to let the owner of the identifier through the door, since it stores identifier codes with a list of access rights…
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Locks and locking devices

Locks and locking devices are blocking devices that are among the basic elements of an access control and management system. These include electric strikes, electromechanical locks, electromagnetic locks.   An electric latch is the counterp…
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Automated storage system for small items

The automated storage system for small items is designed for organized storage, receipt / return of keys, small items for official use, small items at checkpoints (checkpoints) at facilities that have restrictions on the entry of certain items, fo…
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