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Our Services

TC Technotronic Ltd carries out a full cycle of work on the creation of all low-current systems (burglar alarms, fire alarms, perimeter security systems, video surveillance, access control systems, local area networks, fire extinguishing systems, warning and broadcast systems, conference systems). We provide a full range of services from consultation and design to commissioning and subsequent maintenance.

Development of design estimates

When developing projects, the company's specialists conduct a full survey of facilities, develop a concept, models of functioning of security and life support systems, make a technical and economic justification for the project, develop a draft design and project documentation, select suppliers of equipment and systems, and subcontractors.

Supply of equipment and materials

We supply a wide range of equipment for security systems from the world's leading manufacturers. A large number of business partners allows us to order equipment directly, directly from manufacturers at the lowest price with a guarantee of equipment reliability and quality. Our engineers will provide professional advice when choosing a security system and its components based on the individual needs of the customer.

Construction and installation works

Our highly qualified specialists will carry out all types of general construction and special works for the installation of security systems. Their many years of experience guarantees the execution of all works with high quality and on time at objects of any complexity.

Commissioning works

Commissioning works are the final stage in the installation of equipment. Commissioning works include checking, preparation, commissioning and adjustment of security systems equipment (video surveillance, access control systems, etc.).

Maintenance of security systems

Carrying out maintenance of installed security systems, carrying out their replacement and modernization.

Training in the technical operation of security systems

Training in the technical operation of security systems, providing all the necessary documentation, conducting individual trainings for each Company.